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. auburn strikes back. marshall fakes out the defense and the camera. 38 yards for the touchdown. missouri answers. james franklin, perfect strike 28 yard pitch and catch. they put up a championship record 55 first half points. recovers for the score. over 500 yards rushing on the game. led the way, 52 yard run, tackled out of bound, three plays later, three-yard touchdown. this game is a shootout. it looks like auburn is over the top in the 4th quarter. oklahoma. oklahoma state, first quarter jalen saunders on the punt return for oklahoma. bugs it outside. he's gone. 54 yard, game tied at 7. bob stoups holding nothing back, trailing in the 3rd. 8 yards to michael honeycutt. sooners trailing again, corner of the end zone, saunders got it. stoups is jacked. oklahoma wins 33-34. o.k. state eliminated with the loss. the calls to beth teams early. tied at 3 in the third. 11 yards to antoine goodly. bear, next drive. levi norwood, 287 yards in the air. after a defensive interception, he ices it. 18-yard touchdown run. baylor wins the big 12. they will likely get an invite to the bowl. sherwood
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1